Building & Construction

HawkEye gives your company the skilled construction workers you need when you need them. Our unique staffing solutions are designed to assign the best match of skilled construction workers with your projects, your company and your project requirements. Instead of carrying the overhead of permanent hires, you get a more efficient and more effective skilled workforce.

HawkEye approach to staffing skilled construction workers is simple and hassle-free. We take care of the administrative burdens associated with recruiting, hiring and employing skilled construction workers so you can focus on your company’s core business functions. We can even create opportunities for additional out-of-market projects with skilled construction workers who are available for service anywhere in the nation.

We are specialized in recruitment of honest, hardworking and sincere Construction Workers. Our current roster of skilled construction workers includes individuals from a broad range of trades including Laborer, Carpenter, Plumber, steam fitter, HVAC, Mason, Bricklayer, Iron worker, Welder, Electrician, Painter, Flooring, Heavy equipment operator, Auto mechanic, Helper/ apprentice, handyman and other skilled construction trades.

The team is ready to listen and respond to your call, wherever you are in the world. Contact Us Now.