Information Technology

Finding IT jobs and quality IT professionals requires more than a search engine research. At HawkEye, we recognize the challenge of finding the right person in a fast moving and diverse industry. As a leading global recruitment specialist in India and the globe, we understand the challenge of recruiting, hiring and managing employees.

Our team of dedicated IT recruiters draws on their established personal and online networks as well as a range of sourcing database to select great people for contract and permanent role across India and the globe. We work with our associates to find them the best fit for their skills, experience and ambitions through consecutive assignments and varied experiences to enhance their skills.

Our ability to share our insights with clients positions us to drive outcomes that are on time, within budget and meet quality standards. Through our presence in India, we help companies achieve consistency in their Human Resources needs, while equally serving smaller, local businesses in attracting hard-to-find resources with niche skill sets.

In the rapidly evolving IT environment, we plan for the fact that tomorrow will bring more change. Our expert teams and our associates will always be at the forefront of IT.

Whatever your requirements, we can assure you a fast and professional response. We offer advice on all aspects of the recruitment process, from the industry best practices, to the legal issues to be observed.

Our IT service includes:

  • IT staffing solutions.
  • IT talent management.
  • Applications Staffing Services.
  • Network Infrastructure Staffing Services.
  • IT Support Staffing Services.

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